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The last blog post presented the collaboration with the Institute for Applied Dermatology (IAD) in Kasaragod, India. In addition to financial aid, medi for help focuses on providing support with medical aids and imparting knowledge on therapy and the use of products.

For the treatment of lymphatic diseases, indication-specific compression systems were sent from medi to Kasaragod (India) in the summer of 2021. With this medical aid, the edema caused by lymphatic diseases can be reduced. “Our principle of helping people to help themselves also includes support from our many years of specialist expertise. Because the application of the specific compression products has to be learned. For optimal patient care, we practically took the medical staff on site by the hand to explain how to use the compression products step by step, ”says Christopher Miles, Director Clinical Education, medi USA.


Due to the current corona pandemic, the product trainings took place exclusively digitally. The medi branch in the USA took on the multi-day training. “It was our goal – in the spirit of ‘helping people to help themselves’ – to put the skills in the hands of local medical specialists in the long term and to train a ‘Clinical Specialist Group’ on site. Even if the training unfortunately could not take place in person, the digital workshops were an optimal solution in order to be able to start the first treatments promptly and thus help the affected patients ”, says Daniela Weihermüller, project team medi for help.

Source: medi