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The IAD in Kasaragod, India, has been a project partner of medi for help since 2021. In this blog post we want to introduce the institute and provide insights into the collaboration.

In our project partnerships, we focus not only on professional competence in the field of lymphology and orthopedics, but also on the non-profit orientation of the organization. With its scientific approach and strong practical experience, the IAD is the right partner to expand medi for help’s commitment.

It was founded in 1999 as a non-profit organization. Particularly noteworthy is the holistic therapy philosophy: The institute developed a model of integrated medicine, i. H. approaches of modern medicine are combined with alternative forms of treatment such as Ayurveda, homeopathy and yoga. The IAD specializes in the treatment of lymphatic diseases. These include secondary lymphedema, for example due to breast cancer, or “lymphatic filariasis” caused by parasites. Large parts of India are in the risk area for this tropical disease. The IAD has therefore taken on the treatment – this is where the support from medi for help comes in.

“In recent years we have shifted our initial prosthetic focus to lymphology. In Haiti, too, people struggle with “lymphatic filariasis”, which can have an impact not only on physical but also mental health. Together with our partner there, we recognized the great need and have been able to gain a lot of practical experience in treatment over the past few years and have already made therapy possible for many patients. That motivated us to help even more people in other global areas of operation. We are now also applying our experience to our collaboration with the IAD in Kasaragod, thus promoting patient care. If we pull together, we can make a particularly big difference, ”explains Carsten Stauf, project manager medi for help.

Source: IAD

This is how medi for help supports

The principle of medi for help is: actively support the development of helping people help themselves. This is primarily aimed at patients without access to medical care, for example in remote villages. “The socially disadvantaged people depend on our help – we hope to be able to make an important contribution with medi for help so that they can get a better quality of life and thus new hope”, summarizes Carsten Stauf.

Source: IAD

Current: The corona pandemic has presented the IAD and the start of cooperation with new challenges. In order to be able to carry out the outpatient treatments during this time, specialist staff are required. With a financial donation, medi for help was able to support their remuneration for several months and thus support the IAD during this difficult time.

Long-term support: When treating lymphedema, the focus is on medical compression therapy. The foundation of medi for help is formed by the expertise of the aid manufacturer medi. An indication-specific compression system was sent through its branch in the USA. It supports the patient’s independence during medical compression therapy. The aim is to reduce edema, such as that caused by “lymphatic filariasis”. A specially developed technology with Velcro fasteners makes it easier for the affected patient to put them on and enables the compression pressure to be individually set and readjusted.


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