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Volunteers such as orthopedic technicians, doctors, nurses and
other medical professionals have been supporting us on a regular
basis since 2010. This page offers an overview and gives exciting
insights into their experiences.

The medi for help volunteers

We are proud of the cooperation with over 180 volunteers and 5 workshop managers in recent years: Thank you for your tireless commitment and the great support in setting up and continuously developing patient care on site.

Workshop management

  • Cornelia Köhler
  • Josef Dobler
  • Michael Beck
  • Ralf Jungblut


  • Alexander Näscher
  • Bernhard Kastner
  • Chris Schwab
  • Ingolf Hentsch
  • Katy Leslie
  • Michael Brade
  • Ralf Jungblut
  • Rico Philipp
  • Vojtech Jakab
  • Amy Santiago
  • Bettina Schüller
  • Dietmar Forster
  • Ivan Vucak
  • Lisa Stokuca
  • Michael Cannon
  • Ralf Sommermann
  • Simone Maly
  • Wolfgang Anthonj
  • Andreas Henn
  • Carsten Stauf
  • Franka Rega
  • Josef Dobler
  • Maik Pollmeyer
  • Michael Mais
  • René Beeg
  • Stefan Fehlandt
  • Andre Klingelstein
  • Christian Marik
  • Holger Thamm
  • Julia Mitlmeier
  • Markus Luginbühl
  • Nick Vogel
  • Robert Helbing
  • Tim Buchmann
  • Benjamin Bergmüller
  • Christin Rabe
  • Ingo Pfefferkorn
  • Katharina Riedel
  • Mario Becker
  • Peter Kühn
  • Dr. med. Rolf Maibach
  • Viktor Strebichow

Excerpts from the experience reports

Mario Becker

There are still many patients in Haiti who have to be treated after the earthquake, but also a lot of people who are dependent on the help of the organization “medi for help” due to traffic accidents, paralysis or malformations. I am very happy that I was allowed to be part of this great project one more time and can only appeal to everyone how important it is that the organization is supported both financially and by well-trained volunteers who can pass on their knowledge.

– medi for help volunteer in 2013, 2014, 2016

Rico Philipp

The always happy and exuberant mood of the colleagues is really infectious and the 2 weeks went by in a flash. The acquired specialist knowledge and the manual skills of the employees are really impressive and many a trick and tip from them helps you quickly to come to terms with the working conditions there!

– medi for help volunteer in 2012 und 2014

What medi for help has literally put together in Haiti is truly unique.
I hope that many people will find their way to Haiti to help on site. You will be rewarded for this with a piece of Haiti that you can carry in your heart.

Dietmar Forster, medi for help volunteer 2014

Katharina Riedel

Working in the workshop with all the colleagues and patients was a lot of fun. The local technicians had been very well trained over time. The exchange among each other was very interesting and so I got a lot of new creative ideas that I probably wouldn’t have had in Germany in that sense.

– medi for help volunteer in 2014 and 2015

Viktor Stebichow

It was there that I really understood how diverse the world is. Germany is only a small spot on the globe. There are so many other beautiful parts of the world, other cultures, other people. In addition, I will not forget this special serenity and the joy of life of the Haitians.

– medi for help volunteer 2014

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